Wedding Car Hire Tips

One of the things that is often overlooked in the preparation of the wedding is the wedding car hire which is why we have gathered some tips for you to consider before going for one.

1. Before choosing the car you want to go for, think about the journey that you will take and who will be with you in the wedding car during the journey. It is important for the bride and groom to know that what will be the pickup points and who would be the people you would want to be in the wedding cars. The question of number of bridesmaids, pageboys and flower girls will help you determine the number of cars you will be needing.

2. It is suggested to go for older cars when selecting your wedding car hire Sydney as they can vary greatly in terms of their condition. Older cars, if properly maintained tend to be of very higher standards and you can get them at a reasonable price too. A reputable company will have a showroom who would be willing to provide you with your desired car and show you around as well.

3. When finding yourself a wedding car, make sure you are booking a company that is well established and not a hobbyist as when your big day comes the company would be there to cater to your needs unlike the ones who do not operate as a proper business. One easy way to sort through this matter is to check as to whether there is wedding hire insurance or not.

4. When you opt for a company as a wedding car hire, make sure that you are hiring someone who has expertise in their area and have supplied plenty of cars for the same cause. These companies also have knowledge about the reception venues and churches as well. These companies are also booked for planning your full day along with providing a chauffeur who should plan schedules for you and each chauffer should have a briefing about the plans of the entire day. It is the company’s job to ensure that the car is prepared a couple of days before the major event so that it is well decorated and meets your needs and standards. Go here  for more information about hummers. 

5. Be realistic with the plan and make sure the same is communicated to the company and the chauffer’s. Deciding on the routes and ensuring that the company car knows about it is something that you should be aware of. Just make sure everything is communicated to the company so that they can help you plan a route as per your timings and the entire plan.