Practitioner Only Products

A lot of people keep asking whether they should use only practitioner-only products. We like to hope not! You should not assume that all by yourself. I f a health professional has suggested that, then of course it is an entirely different scenario. We say that if you are in a good health and do not have any diseases or illnesses that you know of, then there is no reason for you to keep an intake of supplements or vitamins. In case you do have a known medical condition of some sort, or maybe you lead such a lifestyle that requires an outside maintenance, then you should go for vitamins and supplements. Do you know why we even feel the need to resort to these means of nutrition? Because we do not have healthy diets and lifestyles. It is not good that these external sources are replacing our basic need of food. However, if there is something lacking in our everyday food, then one might consider taking an outside help. But no matter what the case, one should always avoid taking these products.

Where to find these products?

These products are easily accessible. It is pretty evident from the name that these are practitioner-only products. Therefore, only practitioners have it. And that is exactly where you can find them. Common pharmacies, health shops and even online stores can assist you in your search for such medicines. But usually, the pharmacists do not keep these medicines for the display for general public. You will have to ask in particular for what you are looking for.

Do I need a health prescription?

From the legal point of view, yes. You are actually not allowed to go and purchase such medicines off the counter. You can not ask for practitioner only products in the absence of a prescription or a health consultation. You do have to produce something of equal worth. This is a mandatory action. It proves beneficial because this way, you are reducing the chance of any misunderstanding. You are making sure that you are getting the right medicine, in just the right quantity and it is fit to be used under your medical condition. When you talk to the practitioner, he can also verify all the important details for you. He ensures that these medicines will not influence you negatively and will also not interact with any other medicine, in case you are taking one. Check this link to find out more details.

Why are these products expensive?

Yes, these products seem really expensive in comparison with other off-the-shelf supplements and vitamins. But to correctly assess, you have to make the comparison with the products of equally same category. Every brand that is making the same product is actually using ingredients of different quality. Even the manufacturing process may be different. That is why prices are always varying from one brand to another. Usually, the practitioner only products have the best of the quality in its raw material. Hence, they can be expensive than the rest. For instance, if you buy bioceuticals ultraclean EPA/DHA online, it will turn out to be very expensive