How To Pick The Perfect Wheel Spacers For Your Vehicle

One of the most important aspect about driving at the road is being able to ensure that you have proper handling over your vehicle. Even the slightest of problem in your ride can result in taking someone’s life and putting the safety of others at risk. Which is why if you are looking for way to increase the overall stability of your vehicle and handling then one of your best option is to go for New Holland wheel spacers. The primary function of these spacers is to create enough distance between the wheel assembly hubs that the wheel can be mounted easily. Moreover another important role which they play is distributing the weight of all of the tyres in order to significantly improve handling by creating distance between the tyres. 

Wheel spacers have an infamous reputation among some car enthusiasts, mostly that is due to the fact that they do not get them installed properly and pick the right one. So if you are new to this then this article is just for you because we will be discussing some things which you need to keep in mind in order to ensure that you are able to pick the perfect wheel spacers for your ride, to not only improve its stability but also its overall appeal.

Proper Measurement

One of the most important aspect when you are choosing right wheel spacers is to ensure their proper measurement. This is where most people go wrong, due to lack of understanding often times people install the wrong spacer and it is due to that their wheel bearing fails to work prematurely. Which is why it is better that when you are getting it installed you always visit a professional for the job. Although, you may be required to spend a little more money but at least you will have the contentment that the job would be done right.

Holes for Oil Change

Changing the oil of wheel spacers can prove to be a hassle. Nobody has the time to take off the wheels every now and then and check whether the spacers require an oil change or not. Which is why in order to avoid that, your best solution is to go for spacers which contains holes to change oil. Those access holes conveniently allow you to change the oil without removing the wheel and save your time.


Quality of the wheel spacer can play a key role, the better the quality the better the handling of your vehicle is going to be. Which is why make sure when you are purchasing the spacers you always purchase them from reliable retailers such as Wide Tract in order to ensure that you do not compromise on the quality and potentially put yourself and your vehicle at risk of an accident.